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17-6-2019 : 18:53

How to create Rules Filters in Thunderbird.

  1. Start Thunderbird, in Menubar select Tools, Message Filters...

  2. In the pull down list select the email address you want to filter.

  3. Create a new filter by pressing the button New...
    Change the Filter name into SPAM. and add the following 2 rules.
    note: for adding the second rule press the more button. 

    It will look like this.
  4. Now we are going to perform the actions we want Thunderbird to do.
    Tick the Move option and Create a New Folder with the name: Spam.
    Select again the email address where you want to have this folder created.

    Press ok.

  5. Last step is to check if we are happy with the result and didn't make a typo error.
    For example you could change the priority and Label the message 'Later'
    It will look like this.

    Press the OK button to confirm.

  6. Next step is that you select your new rule and give it a run on your email address to get all previous received Spam marked email moved to the new folder.


    That's IT.