How to transfer my domains in your system?

Your very welcome to transfer your domains into my administration. Depending on the domain name extension you might need to request the EPP code from your current registrar. Please check the following before you start the transfer process.

  • Make sure you have checked the domain details and the domain email address!
    Your domain name needs to have a valid email address to approve the transfer into my administration.
  • Make sure your name servers, host records or any other details are valid and up to date!
    Once the transfer process starts you won't be able to change anything!
  • Unlock your domain name if it is locked! (not all domains will have a lock)
  • Request the EPP code from your current registrar.
  • If you transfer an .UK domain name to me you will receive my TAG by email.

Login your account with me and start the transfer process.

Note: You can't transfer domains in that are less then 60 days old or locked!

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