What about backup's?

I strongly advise that you make it a habit to regularly backup in each stage of editing your Website, backup with PhpMyadmin the database and with an FTP client the files, transfer it to a local folder on your computer / laptop drive.

I make a full backup of your account a few times a week. I hope you will never need them, but if necessary, your account is restored quickly and efficiently using the most recent backup file.

You can use any FTP program to make a backup of your files to your local Hard disk and don't forget to use PhpMyAdmin to backup any of your MySQL Database(s).

In Siteworx [space permitted] you can create a local [full] backup of your domains and other settings, you can even redirect the location to backup to.

Note: It's always good to have a backup on your local hard disk.

Keep in mind: if you use a database driven website a few weeks/months backup is quite often useless because of the many dtabase/files mutations.

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