Can I use my Blackberry with your email?

Yes, for example the Blackberry Storm 9500 is easy to set-up with your emaill.
In your Blackberry use the easy wizard and enter your email address and password. Then it should work within a 10..20 minutes.

When you receive this error message: We were unable to set-up xxx@xxx Choose one of the following options and select next.
Please double check your password consider to change the password in your cPanel to be sure you have the right one.

We were unable to set-up xxx@xxx Choose one of the following options and select next.
Choose: This is my personal email account, Press next, I will provide the settings to add this email account. Press next, Account configuration.
Now enter your Email address, the username ( email address again) Password and then your Email server, this is provided in your welcome email. If it doesn't work triple check your settings.

Another option
If the previous method doesn't work for your Blackberry model then another option is to use your own email address on your Blackberry rather than using the default email set-up by your mobile or cell phone provider.
It doesn't matter if you have a pop3 account for the email address in question or not, the best way to set-up the address in your control panel is to set-up an email forwarder. Login your control panel and go to "Mail" > "Email Forwarders". Then create the forwarder, providing your email name with your own domain and then in the second box, enter the email address provided by your service provider.
Setting Up The Email on your Blackberry, under the email settings on the Blackberry set-up the "Reply-To" address as the same as the forwarding address you just created in cPanel. This way you can reply to emails with your email address, but will be sending them using your provider's login details, and for all intent and purpose to the recipient it will look as if it came from your forwarding address.

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