I can't send email, but I am able to receive email.

This can have several reasons.
- Your IP is blacklisted!

- Your ISP doesn't allow you to relay emails.

- You have reached your amount of emails your ISP allows you to send daily.

- You need to turn on the option 'My outgoing server SMTP requires authentication' in your email account.

Note: you will find this option in your mail program under your accounts. If you use for example 'Outlook Express' use the top-menu option, Tools, Accounts, TAB-Mail, select your account, properties, TAB-Servers, tick the option: My server requires authentication, tick the option: Use same settings as my incoming mail server. Press ok, go back and try again to send email. Watch our video tutorials.

Tip: if you IP is blacklisted, turn your modem off for at least 25 hours, and try again. Most changes are you have received a different IP from the DHCP server (ISP) and you are able to send again email. Your old IP is assigned to someone else now!  Don't turn it on earlier to see if it has renewed, you need to start again with counting for 25 hours if it didn't work out!!!

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